Luke and his brother Gage both succeeded in landing their first Molokai Bonefish.

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Stuart landed three Molokai Bonefish today. One was a double digit trophy fish

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Brian Kraft scored on this hefty Molokai Bonefish on the way back to the boat

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Brian and Serena Kraft from Bristol Bay, Alaska caught some trophy Molokai Bonefish today

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Despite the weather being gloomy and rainy, we scored on some nice Molokai Bonefish today. Cam and Ben both caught their largest Molokai bonefish today, one was a double digit fish

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Happy anglers caught some nice Island jacks tody


Claudia MIller landed her first two Molokai Bonefish and her very first bonefish ever today.

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Marshall MIller caught his trophy Molokai Bonefish today.


Tom and Melissa Cady had a memorable day flyfishing the Molokai Flats for numerous bonefish.

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Cam and his son Zac Chandler from Denver Colorado were scheduled to go to Christmas Island to fish but their flight got cancelled. They called to see if we had openings and fortunately we had two days open for them. So, a few firsts for them, as they got their first Molokai Bonefish, first Bluefin Trevally and first Barred jack.

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