Mike Taylor caught a nice Moloka’i Bonefish


Chuck Schwartz landed his first Molokai Bonefish


Chris Robinson landed his very first bonefish and his first Molokai bone.


Some days are totally surreal and mindblowing when it comes to God’s beauty. Joe and Jan Felix got to experience one of the rarest weather days on the water

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Caught a non target fish today. It’s a seaweed eater called Kala or Unicorn fish. They don’t usually eat flies.

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First for me, found this Slender Sunfish (Renzania Laevis ) laying on the bottom in a foot of water, on the flats that I flyfish. This species only grows to a meter in length. Didn’t even know they were in our waters.

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Chet Fossum landed his first ever bonefish and ended up the day with three fish


Mike and Kathy Taylor caught dinner today

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Terry and Mayann caught dinner

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Winston Welborn caught his first Molokai Bonefish. He also brought his mom along too for the flats fishing experience. Great to have a mother/son combo fishing together. What memories…

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