Chad Wiersma caught some Peacock Grouper (Roi) while casting spin gear.


Deb Currin escaped the Colorado snow to fish the warm flats of Molokai and landed several fish today.

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Alex Zoni fished several days with me and succeeded in landing and releasing some great fish

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Doug Coward scored on some surface poppers on a medley of different fishes

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Joe caught his first ever papio. Yellowspot or Island Jacks

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John Olson caught his first Molokai one

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John wanted to fulfill his “bucket list” of catching a bonefish. We succeeded in hooking five fish and landing four. I did the hooking and he did the fighting. Teamwork fishing at it’s finest.

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Dennis and Sally Rahlves both caught their first Molokai Bonefish

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Esther and Lydia Trinidad are two fishy wahine, getting triple hookups together, caught lotsa fish this morning

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Robert landed his first ever Bonefish