Today was a truly epic day of flyfishing, as much of what happened may never be duplicated again. The father son team of Dave and Nate Tsao scored on multiple Bonefish, Josiah caught a trophy nine pound Bonefish. He also got his largest Moi on flygear as well, it went four pounds. Dave landed several Bones too. Best was Nate and Josiah landing a double

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Gary Garland finally hooked and brought a Molokai Bonefish to hand after several failed attempts.


Some days a non target species comes onto the scene, as Gary Garland from Colorado found this Unicorn fish quite by accident.

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Steve Thatcher from Washington state scored his first Molokai Bonefish today despite really blustery wind conditions.

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This young boy got to fish with me for his 9th birthday. His grampa treated him to a charter as he’s fishy kid that LOVES to fish. He said he never caught as many fish as he did today.


Dan Walker from Montana landed his first two Bonefish ever so he’s no longer a Bonefish virgin.

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A couple of couples from Alaska had a fun “Catching” day

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Roy Keen and his wife Marie wanted to fish the flats of Molokai and were successful in landing several hefty Molokai Bones to hand today, too bad number three came unbuttoned.

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Cheryl Harms from Alaska,landed her first Molokai Bonefish despite NO sun and inclement weather. It was a trophy fish that went 28 inches. Her husband Dennis landed a Bluefin Trevally

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The Davies Ohana from Alaska had a great family outing with perfect weather conditions. It made for wonderful memories and lotsa good eating.

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