Todd Schock scored on a couple of nice Molokai Bones, one went 26 inches.

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Keoni Kauwe got his heart’s desire today as he finally connected with a Giant trevally after four previous failed attempts. Also got blessed with a nice Uku and his kids tangled with a bunch of Ta’ape.

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Vicente Undurraga Perl caught a few nice Bonefish today.

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Dave Koch had a great three days of flyfishing for Bones

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David Koch from Vancouver Canada, caught his first Molokai Bonefish and his first Barred Jack

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Benjamin Whiting landed his first ever bonefish. He was blessed to be able to land three Molokai Bonefish and a Barred jack as well

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Luke and his brother Gage both succeeded in landing their first Molokai Bonefish.

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Stuart landed three Molokai Bonefish today. One was a double digit trophy fish

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Brian Kraft scored on this hefty Molokai Bonefish on the way back to the boat

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Brian and Serena Kraft from Bristol Bay, Alaska caught some trophy Molokai Bonefish today

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