Clay Guinn landed a nice Barred Jack with his flyrod.

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Steve O’brien had some action, bringing to hand several fish. His first Moloka’i Bonefish and a nice Barred Jack

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Kirby Kester and Josh from Idaho both landed their first Moloka’i bonefish today. Both fish were nine + lb fish too. Kirby is in the gray shirt

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Oscar Maldonado landed his first ever Moloka’i Bonefish and his first time salt water fishing as well. Now he’s a converted trout fisherman.


Keone Kauwe succeeded in landing a healthy 8.5 lb Moloka’i Bonefish. He also did some data collection to scientifically further the future of our Moloka’i Bonefish fishery.

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Chris Hemmetter had a fun day catching different species of fish on the Moloka’i flats. He said, it was like a “grand slam” or different species.

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Mike Taylor caught a nice assortment of fish for dinner.


Lance Jones came from British Columbia to catch an Omi’lu with his flyrod


Joe Coakley caught his first whitey on a fly


Debbie Smith scored on a coupla Omi’lu and a nice Barred jack that her husband Phil helped land. Fun day at the office.

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