Tony landed his first Molokai Bonefish. It was also his very first bonefish ever caught


George Morelein has been fishing for over 50 years and is over 80 now. He still has what it takes to cast, hook and land a fish with his flyrod. It was a pleasure to guide him onto 3 nice Molokai Bonefish today.


Janet and Dave Niles hooked six Molokai Bones.

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The Woolsley ohana and friends had a fun morning cathing dinner.


Lydia Trinidad had a great day of fishing, landing a nice Uku, a bunch of Ta’ape, and some Papa or Island jacks

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Sometimes the non target species puts food on the table. Caught a nice fresh Octopus for dinner, not everything is catch and release.


Scott Yates caught a nice Kaku (Barracuda) with his flyrod.


Tobias caught his first Molokai Bonefish and his first ever bonefish. Textbook conditions too..last Bonefish caught for 2017

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Baz from Switzerland caught his largest GT to date today.

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Joe and Meghan had an epic day flyfishing

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