These two anglers from Japan had a terrific Trevally day, no bones about it

IMG_0174 IMG_4124

These two buddies, Aki and Go, scored on their first Molokai bonefishes

IMG_4109 IMG_4101

Father and daughter came from Japan to flyfish for bonefish. They both caught one each and suceeded

IMG_3908 IMG_3892 IMG_3877

Bonefish are incredibly beautiful fishes, so nice to watch them swim away

IMG_3816 IMG_3821 IMG_3813

Some days things just happen. Happy angler moment

IMG_3700 IMG_9420

Finally got a clear day to fish the flats.


Takura scored his very first GT in his life


Art Babcock celebrated his 70th birthday catching his first Molokai Bonefish


Matt and Alex had a blast “catching” fish in beautiful conditions.

IMG_2825 IMG_2828 IMG_2829 IMG_2831IMG_2819

Alex and Matt scored on a nice Molokai Bonefish