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Captain Clayton Ching
Hallelujah Hou Fishing
PO Box 732
Kaunakakai HI 96748
(808) 336-1870

Welcome to Hallelujah Hou Fishing

Hallelujah Hou Fishing with Captain Clay provides guided light tackle charter fishing and sport fishing adventures operating on Molokai, Hawaii. We provide fishing charters for experienced anglers, visitors, families, and locals, and specializing in fly fishing the flats for Bonefish on a custom 18-foot tunnel hull, flats skiff, equipped with casting and poling platforms. The boat has a 2019 four-stroke Suzuki 115 engine. It’s the only boat like it in the entire state.

A unique fishing experience is in store for you. Moloka’i has the largest flats of any island in the state of Hawaii. The expansive flats offer varied terrain, from soft sandy areas to coral-infused bottoms that require good footwear to wade.

Moloka’i. The name in itself lends to visions of blue oceans, sandy beaches, and pristine fringing reefs along the southern shore of the island.  Of course, flyfishing is 100% catch and release.

Some great action fishing several days on the flats with Mingo, Nate and Katie

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06.03.22 David Kramer from Wisconsin fulfilled his bucket list of catching his first Bonefish

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Jeff Robinson had some fun on the flats catching multiple fish

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Brian and Dina had fun on the flats today

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Fred and Jack are back and both scored some nice Bones today


Rich Newsome caught some nice fish, a barred jack and his personal best Bonefish

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Happy wahine angler got some Taape and a nice Island Jack for dinner

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Father and son tag team, Josiah and yours truly, Capt Clay get to play sometimews

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03.01.22. Charlie Howell caught his personal best fish on flygear, a nice Island Jack


02.16.22 Karl Schwartz caught his first Molokai Bonefish and some small GT’s