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Captain Clayton Ching
Hallelujah Hou Fishing
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Kaunakakai HI 96748
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Welcome to Hallelujah Hou Fishing

Hallelujah Hou Fishing with Captain Clay provides guided light tackle charter fishing and sport fishing adventures operating on Molokai, Hawaii. We provide fishing charters for experienced anglers, visitors, families, and locals, and specializing in fly fishing the flats for Bonefish on a flats skiff.  Deep sea fishing and light tackle bottom fishing charters are also available options on a larger 24 foot custom, twin Evinrude Etec engine, power catamaran.

A unique fishing experience is in store for you. No smelly diesel fumes to put up with or loud exhausts to compete with your conversation either. Just the soft hum of reliable four stroke outboards, so quiet that you almost forget that they are there, pushing you along on the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.

Moloka’i. The name in itself lends to visions of blue oceans, sandy beaches, and pristine fringing reefs along the southern shore of the island and yes, most of all, FISH of all kind, depending on your taste buds and heart’s desires, available all along the island’s coastlines.  Of course flyfishing is 100% catch and release.

Nate, Frank and Mingo came from the Big Island and scored on an assortment of fish. Lots of “firsts” were accomplished too, like first Bonefish, 2 largest Bonefishes, largest Ulua.

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Mick Cottier from Australia hooked and landed his first Molokai bonefish today despite nasty weather conditions.


Kevin caught his first Molokai Bonefish despite really windy and nasty fishing conditions.

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Happy customer with his Bonefish reward.


Dr Todd Schock landed seven bonefish today, epic day

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Todd Schock scored on a couple of nice Molokai Bones, one went 26 inches.

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Keoni Kauwe got his heart’s desire today as he finally connected with a Giant trevally after four previous failed attempts. Also got blessed with a nice Uku and his kids tangled with a bunch of Ta’ape.

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Vicente Undurraga Perl caught a few nice Bonefish today.

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Dave Koch had a great three days of flyfishing for Bones

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David Koch from Vancouver Canada, caught his first Molokai Bonefish and his first Barred Jack

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