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Captain Clayton Ching
Hallelujah Hou Fishing
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Kaunakakai HI 96748
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Welcome to Hallelujah Hou Fishing

Hallelujah Hou Fishing with Captain Clay provides guided light tackle charter fishing and sport fishing adventures operating on Molokai, Hawaii. We provide fishing charters for experienced anglers, visitors, families, and locals, and specializing in fly fishing the flats for Bonefish on a custom 18 foot tunnel hull, flats skiff, equipped with casting and poling platforms. The boat has a 2019 four stroke Suzuki 115 engine. It’s the only boat like it in the entire state.

Deep sea fishing and light tackle bottom fishing charters are also available options on a larger 24 foot custom, twin Evinrude Etec engine, power catamaran. Popping for GT’s can also be arranged,  most anglers choose to use their own gear for this activity as it requires very specific tackle.

A unique fishing experience is in store for you. Moloka’i has the largest flats of any island in the state of Hawaii. The expansive flats offer varied terrain, from soft sandy areas to coral infused bottoms that require good footwear to wade.

Moloka’i. The name in itself lends to visions of blue oceans, sandy beaches, and pristine fringing reefs along the southern shore of the island.  Of course flyfishing is 100% catch and release.

A couple of couples from Alaska had a fun “Catching” day

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Roy Keen and his wife Marie wanted to fish the flats of Molokai and were successful in landing several hefty Molokai Bones to hand today, too bad number three came unbuttoned.

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Cheryl Harms from Alaska,landed her first Molokai Bonefish despite NO sun and inclement weather. It was a trophy fish that went 28 inches. Her husband Dennis landed a Bluefin Trevally

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The Davies Ohana from Alaska had a great family outing with perfect weather conditions. It made for wonderful memories and lotsa good eating.

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Chad Wiersma caught some Peacock Grouper (Roi) while casting spin gear.


Deb Currin escaped the Colorado snow to fish the warm flats of Molokai and landed several fish today.

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Alex Zoni fished several days with me and succeeded in landing and releasing some great fish

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Doug Coward scored on some surface poppers on a medley of different fishes

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Joe caught his first ever papio. Yellowspot or Island Jacks

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John Olson caught his first Molokai one

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