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Welcome to Hallelujah Hou Fishing

Hallelujah Hou Fishing with Captain Clay provides guided light tackle charter fishing and sport fishing adventures operating on Molokai, Hawaii. We provide fishing charters for experienced anglers, visitors, families, and locals, and specializing in fly fishing the flats for Bonefish on a flats skiff.  Deep sea fishing and light tackle bottom fishing charters are also available options on a larger 24 foot custom, twin engined, power catamaran.

A unique fishing experience is in store for you. No smelly diesel fumes to put up with or loud exhausts to compete with your conversation either. Just the soft hum of reliable four stroke outboards, so quiet that you almost forget that they are there, pushing you along on the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.

Moloka’i. The name in itself lends to visions of blue oceans, sandy beaches, and pristine fringing reefs along the southern shore of the island and yes, most of all, FISH of all kind, depending on your taste buds and heart’s desires, available all along the island’s coastlines.  Of course flyfishing is 100% catch and release.

Noel and his wife Tina had a fun morning flyfishing today. Noel landed his first saltwater and first Bonefish ever and Tina got a pretty Kaku (Barracuda)

Noel and Tina Thompson from Minnesota went flyfishing for the first time in saltwater today. They were rewarded with Noel’s first molokai Bonefish, and a first fish for Tina, a pretty Kaku, (Barracuda). Despite the blustery conditions, we endured and were pleasantly rewarded.  TYJ


Luke caught his first Hawaiian fish today on his flyrod, a nice O’milu, (Blue Finned Trevally). Nice work Luke, high five! 

Luke spent his first morning on the Moloka’i flats looking for the elusive Bonefish, instead, he tied into a nice O’milu, (Blue Finned Trevally), not a Bone but still a pretty fish,  Good job Luke, give me five! 


Kirk Greenman caught a nice Papa (Island Jack) and his ohana got a bunch of nice fish too

Humpback Whales, Spinner dolphins, and green sea turtles also contributed to a memorable day for his ohana.  


Dennis and Sue Reenders caught some nice fish

Beautiful morning at sea, Humpback whales breaching and cavorting everywhere you looked. Big south swell churning up the water and making it murky out to a half mile offshore. But, some nice fish were biting, and it was a matter of being on the “right side” of the boat! Seems all the big ones were only biting on one side of the boat, yup, the right side, where Dennis was fishing. Good job folks, on a fun outing.


Fred Pinkerton caught his first Blue Finned Trevally (Omilu) today on his flyrod

Fred connected on this hungry 12lb Omilu, perfect cast, and instant take, then off to the races. Fish was able to get around a few obstacles but was able to free the line twice, and successfully bring the fish to hand. Great Job Fred. 


Capt Clay gets to fish once in awhile

Although my main job is guiding anglers to their trophy catch with a flyrod, once in a great while, I get to wet a line too. Today, it was a simple matter of being in the right place at the right time, when this beautiful specimen of a Bonefish swam into view, and was cooperative enough to eat the fly I cast to it on the first try. The new Rio quickshooter flyline worked great in the windy conditions, first fish with this new line. TYJ 

Karsten Andrae caught his first Moloka’i Bonefish

Karsten was able to hook and land his first Moloka’t Bonefish today in spite of very difficult lighting conditions. The worst condition other than strong winds is no sun, and today was a no sun day. TYJ for allowing us to have a successful day.

Steve Meyer caught his largest Bonefish today 

Steve Meyer landed his first Molokai Bonefish and it turned out to be the largest bonefish he’s ever caught. Textbook conditions today, clear blue skies, gentle to fading winds, and a few hungry Bonefish to play with.  TYJ

George Sosa never caught a fish in his life, until today.

Today was epic, as George had never ever, caught a fish in his life, until today. First fish was a nice Papa, (Island jack). Then we proceeded to hook fish three at a time on almost every drop, keeping him busy for awhile. Fun day with wife margie doing the coaching after she got tired of reeling up fish. Then, on the way back to the harbor, Humpback whales everywhere, breaching, spouting, and doing their thing. In spite of the nonstop drizzle, spirits weren’t dampened, as the water was unusually calm and flat, which made for a smooth trip. TYJ <>< 

Jim Williams did some plugging for GT’s and connected with three nice fish

Jim Williams was ona GT mission and wife Carol went out as his support team. One nice fish about thirty pounds was released, one big one cut the leader and a smaller fifteen pounder released 

into the cooler.