Joe Coakley caught his first whitey on a fly


Debbie Smith scored on a coupla Omi’lu and a nice Barred jack that her husband Phil helped land. Fun day at the office.

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Dennis Reenders and his wife come every year to fish for food, and this year was no exception, as they got what they came for. Booking for next year too!


Tim Rea scored on a nice Barred Jack and a Blue finned Trevally that intercepted his fly intended for a Bonefish

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Kerry Koerner caught a Weke with a fly, sadly also had some big Bones on that broke off on a teeny rock.

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Noah and Shannon Cervantes had an epic day fishing, despite looming dark clouds that appeared to be ready to dump rain. Turned out the clouds held back until we returned to the harbor. Noah was able to bring to hand his very first Moloka’i Bonefish and Shannon caught a small Blue finned Trevally. Noah even shared the casting platform with his sweetheart, Happy Valentine’s Day y’all.

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Epic day for John Sedor as it was his birthday present to go flyfishing for Bonefish. It was his very first Bonefish. His best friend Bryan Quinn also caught his first Bonefish too, so blessed to bat 200% today, as no fish were lost.

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The Koch ohana, father and two sons got to fish together and pulled up some great eating fish.

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Happy anglers from Idaho caught a few nice Moloka’i bones in beautiful conditions