George Morelein has been fishing for over 50 years and is over 80 now. He still has what it takes to cast, hook and land a fish with his flyrod. It was a pleasure to guide him onto 3 nice Molokai Bonefish today.


Janet and Dave Niles hooked six Molokai Bones.

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The Woolsley ohana and friends had a fun morning cathing dinner.


Lydia Trinidad had a great day of fishing, landing a nice Uku, a bunch of Ta’ape, and some Papa or Island jacks

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Sometimes the non target species puts food on the table. Caught a nice fresh Octopus for dinner, not everything is catch and release.


Scott Yates caught a nice Kaku (Barracuda) with his flyrod.


Tobias caught his first Molokai Bonefish and his first ever bonefish. Textbook conditions too..last Bonefish caught for 2017

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Baz from Switzerland caught his largest GT to date today.

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Joe and Meghan had an epic day flyfishing

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Johnny Monderan and his ohana had a good harvestand made some good memories

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