Mike Kennedy from Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge scored his first Moloka’i Bonefish

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Mike Kennedy from Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge caught his first Island Jack


Ben from Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska landed his first two Molokai Bonefishes today

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JB from San Diego on day 2, landed a trophy 26 inch Molokai Bonefish in blustery conditions gusting over 25mph.


Joseph Balla landed his first Molokai bonefish

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Ryan Edde from Reno Nevada scored a jackpot today, landing his first, second, third, and fourth Moloka’i bonefish.

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Glady Gomez and Nick Speer had fun on the flats bringing a hefty O’milu and four Bones to hand.

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Glady and Nick Speer from Alaska Sportsmen’s Lodge on the Kvichak River in Alaska got to land their first MOlokai Bonefish today. They were blessed to be able to land four fish

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Winston and Ben Welborn, bothers, from Kauai, landed their first Molokai bones. Winston’s was a double digit fish. Ben also landed a Barred Jack.

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Frank Victorino landed his first Hawaiian fishes today, a Blue fin Trevally, a Molokai Bonefish and a Barred Jack.

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