So I got to fish with my daughter Katina for an hour and scored on this nice Bonefish, one cast, one fish, then she had to go to work.


Capt Clay got to play even though wind was funky.


Fun outing watching whales and catching dinner with the Trinidad ohana

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Ed Sumida scored a beautiful Molokai Bonefish with his Sage Igniter 7wt rod aand Spectrum Max reel. Personal best fish for this setup.


This angler had never caught a Bonefish before so I helped her hook and land some big ones.

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Epic day of Bonefish on the flats for Brian Kraft from Anchorage AK, and his buddy Jeff Hastings, as they both connected on some big Molokai Bonefish

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Josiah had a great day playing with some beautiful fish. A big Bonefish, then a spectacular Barred jack.

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Josiah connected on a beautiful Bone today.


Stellar conditions made for excellent sight fishing. Got to hook several big bones.