Capt Clay always has to teach angler’s how to hook a fish.

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John Perry from Angler’s Alibi caught a nice Bonefish.

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Blain and and his son Sam scored on some nice fish

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Capt Clay with a double digit Bone, personal best for new Sage Salt R8 and Enforcer reel combo


Capt Clay with a double digit bone, personal best fish for the Sage Salt R8 and Enforcer combo

Perfect day on the flats with Makani and Adam landing some nice Bones

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Josiah broke in his new Sage Salt R8 rod on some nice bones.


Ed Gutekanst caught his personal best bonefish, turned out to be a double digit fish

Yasuke Oguriyama and his buddy Hiro caught some nice fish today

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Hiro Masaki from Tokyo caught some nice Bones