Tonia scored her first fish on a fly, and Kevin landed his first ever bonefish

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Happy anglers caught a bunch of fish in perfect conditions.

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Mark Moragne caught an Island Jack.


Kaimana and his dad had fun “catching “fish.


Andrew McNeil and daughters Amelia and Bri caught a big Kagami


Kaimana and his dad had fun “catching” fish.

Will Michael landed his first Molokai bonefish and his largest bonefish to date


Tabby battled a coupla nice GT’s this morning, also got some Taape, and Crystal was catching triples.

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Hidetaki and Kaho Suzuki had a fun outing. She’s a great young angler and caught all the fish, she also caught a Kaku and another Omilu too


Nate, Frank and Mingo came from the Big Island and scored on an assortment of fish. Lots of “firsts” were accomplished too, like first Bonefish, 2 largest Bonefishes, largest Ulua.

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