Caught a non target fish today. It’s a seaweed eater called Kala or Unicorn fish. They don’t usually eat flies.

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First for me, found this Slender Sunfish (Renzania Laevis ) laying on the bottom in a foot of water, on the flats that I flyfish. This species only grows to a meter in length. Didn’t even know they were in our waters.

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Chet Fossum landed his first ever bonefish and ended up the day with three fish


Mike and Kathy Taylor caught dinner today

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Terry and Mayann caught dinner

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Winston Welborn caught his first Molokai Bonefish. He also brought his mom along too for the flats fishing experience. Great to have a mother/son combo fishing together. What memories…

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Lee from Alaska and Zacharias from Sweden had fun battling these Trevally. Zach had never caught a GT before so it was a memorable fish for him.


This family had a fun time catching dinner. Two brother in laws, two young cousins and grampa all did their share to fill their quota.

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Tate Ingram (17) from Utah, fly fished with his dad Bill and grampa Joe. He landed his first ever bonefish, and his first Molokai bonefish.

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These wahine had fun catching fish this morning on a beautiful day

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