Warren and his dad Jim scored on a nice 40lb GT


Warren and his dad Jim wanted to catch some fish to eat, so decided on trying some popping for a GT and trolling for Papio. Caught a nice 40lb GTt


Dan and Jim had fun fishing the flats for the first time

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Grady Choi (11 years old) caught his first Bonefish


Logan and Anne Gidday had fun on the flats


Keith Kaimikawa and Alan Yoshimoto scored on multiple Bones including a trophy double digit fish

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Alan and Jason Norman, faher and son duo from Texas,scored on their first Molokai bonefishes

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Big fish therapy today for Josiah and Ikaika.

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Steve Jones tried for 27 years to catch a bonefish and it was on his bucket list. He fulfilled that desire today when he landed his first Molokai Bonefish. His daughter Allyssa got to help her grampa Pat Louck land a fish he fought to hand. It was his first fish using flygear and his first ever Bonefish

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Matt Campbell and his son Ethan celebrated a Father’s Day fishing trip and caught some nice bones

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