01.24.2022. Bob Maina caught his very first Bonefish and it turned out to be a double digit trophy.

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Andrew Pienovi landed a nice Barred Jack


Chris Senyohl scored on some nice bones

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Alika McGuire from Kona scored his first Bonefish ever on Flygear

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Warren and his dad Jim scored on a nice 40lb GT


Warren and his dad Jim wanted to catch some fish to eat, so decided on trying some popping for a GT and trolling for Papio. Caught a nice 40lb GTt


Dan and Jim had fun fishing the flats for the first time

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Grady Choi (11 years old) caught his first Bonefish


Logan and Anne Gidday had fun on the flats


Keith Kaimikawa and Alan Yoshimoto scored on multiple Bones including a trophy double digit fish

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