Esther and Lydia Trinidad are two fishy wahine, getting triple hookups together, caught lotsa fish this morning

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Robert landed his first ever Bonefish


Josh from Maui landed his very first Molokai bonefish. It was his first timesalt water flyfishing


Brannon Santos and Caitlan scored on some nice fish today

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Dr Colin Lee, a cardiologist from Maui landed his first Molokai Bonefish despite windy and overcast conditions.


The dynamic duo of Brian and Jared scored again today as they are getting their casting down. Total of five fish hooked today

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Brian Edmisson and Jared Chiuppi scored on some firsts. First Bonefish for Jared (white shirt) and also his largest Omilu on spin gear. Brian got his largest fish on flygear and larget Ulua caught whipping

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Sean Meehan from Florida caught his first Moloka’i Bonefish.


Joe French from Houston Texas, landed his largest bonefish ever.


Chase Corona and Jocelyn from Austin Texas scored on his first Molokai Bonefish. It was his second time saltwater flyfishing.

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