Mike Battistoni scored his first bonefish and it turned out to be a trophy double digit fish

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Happy anglers today “Catching” some nice fish

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Alan Higuchi scored on his first GT with spin gear.


Eddie and Joel scored on their first Molokai Bonefishes

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Kamauliola Pupuhi, my grandson, stalked, cast, hooked and landed his first Molokai Bonefish


Hiro Masaki from Japan landed his personal best bonefish, a double digit one too.

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Austin Esterline landed his first Bonefish ever.


Dr David Mathis scored on a Molokai Bonefish that got chased by a blacktip shark but we were successful in landing it

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Mike Giblin and his son scored on a pair of GT’s

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Blain Johnson scored on his personal best Bonefishes