Let’s go fishing

Captain Clayton Ching
Hallelujah Hou Fishing
PO Box 732
Kaunakakai HI 96748
(808) 336-1870

Eight weight equipment is adequate if you will be bringing your own gear. (Gear is available if you don’t have an eight weight. Sage Igniter rods and Spectrum Max reels with Rio Elite Bonefish lines). On really windy days, a nine weight may really help you to cast into the wind. I recommend overlining an eight weight rod with nine weight line, you should use a nine weight rod with nine weight line so that everything is balanced and matched. Good quality gear is suggested as these “ginormous” Bones will always get into your backing where it has never seen sun before! A smooth drag can make a huge difference in landing your trophy fish.

Good wading shoes are also recommended as there is some coral encountered while wading. I don’t suggest anything open toed or soft, as your feet will not be happy after an hour of wading.

Quality polarized glasses are also a must, with amber, copper or bronze being the most popular tint. A vast majority of anglers will spend a small fortune on their fishing gear but spend very little on good quality optics. Remember that you can’t cast to what you can’t see. Fishing for Bones is always sight casting, rarely any blind casting.

A light jacket or raincoat is recommended as the ride home can be a little wet at times, and of course there may be the intermittent passing shower (not often). Nothing heavy or insulated as one of the best things about fishing in Hawaii is the fact that it’s always WARM! Remember that when you’re planning a fly fishing trip and it’s snowing outside!